About Royal Art Company

     Royal Art Company represents two individual artists:  Mychal Royal and her daughter, Sable Royal Williams.  Combined, these two artists offer over 25 years of experience creating fine art.  They specialize in fine art paintings covering a wide range of both subjects and mediums. Royal Art Company offers both creative fine art paintings for sale, as well commissioned abstracts, landscapes, and portraits.   

     Mychal Royal has been painting fine art pieces since the early 1990's.  In her earlier years she also branched out and incorporated interior design, and mural work into her art portfolio.  Now she specializes in both oil and acrylics, and likes to display multiple subject matters, and textures into her paintings.  Mychal enjoys impressionism, florals, and is most known for her landscapes.

     Sable Royal Williams started creating paintings during the early years of her life, and started selling her fine art pieces in 2007.  Sable creates many styles in her works including abstract, impressionism, and her most popular, realism. Although she enjoys doing many subjects, her favorite is the human form and faces. 

     To commission or purchase a painting, please email us at, and shop our store on Etsy at ArtbyRoyalArtCompany.